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What I Can Do For You

Is your website or blog SEO-friendly? Google loves good and honest content that is original, informative, useful, well-written.

My job is to get your message across to your target audience, as clearly and succinctly as possible; and in the process, highlight the very best of what you or your business has to offer. So, if you have you have seen an opportunity in the market that has inspired you to start your own business, or a job you want to apply for, I will ensure that the content of your website, blog, CV, or LinkedIn profile, is interesting, motivating, persuasive and above all, well-written.

Now, nothing I have stated so far will guarantee you a top 10 listing on online searches relevant to you. However, my amendments will improve your Google ranking. They will also impact on how effective all (none-proprietary) SEO changes you implement in your website are. In layman terms, I will make it easier for more people to find you online, and that, in turn, will increase your web traffic and enable you to compete more effectively in your chosen market.

Additional benefits will include:

  • An improvement in your B2B and B2C communication, and your trust ranking
  • A boost in your time-on-page stats
  • An increase in the number of targeted/contextual advertisements
  • The removal of duplicate content
  • A reduction in your bounce rate

In-house and remote content writing and editing

Think about it; is that not what you want and need - to stand out in your market?

It is vital that any writing representing your company meets your exact needs and reflects, accurately, how you want to be viewed as a business or as an individual, by competitors and potential clients/audiences.

So, regardless of whether you are after original content for your website or some editorial work on existing articles, the following golden rules always apply:

No one knows you or your business better than you. Therefore, the fewer questions a hired writer asks you, the more worried you should be about the work they will eventually produce.

It is, therefore, important to find a writer you have a decent rapport with - especially for long-term projects. A good, enthusiastic writer who is not just interested in how much you pay them, but also genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals and will encourage you to get involved, throughout the writing process.

They will ask you countless questions and require a lot of information. But just remember this: the more thought you put into your answers, the more likely it is they will deliver work you are completely happy with.

CVs, Cover Letters and Professional Profiles

Is it worth having a CV, LinkedIn Profile or even a generic cover letter written for you by a professional writer?

The simple answer is yes if:

  • You are not a confident writer
  • You do not have the time or the patience to write yourself the perfect CV
  • You are not a 100% sure what your CV should include
  • You will be applying for jobs in a foreign work environment, or in a country you're not a native of, and therefore do not know the dos and don'ts of the culture
  • You are looking for a professional who can help you brainstorm, define summarise and highlight in your mind, you work experience, knowledge and skillset
  • You simply want a document that has been reviewed, written and closely edited by a professional writer that you can use as a template when customising your CV to suit the various positions you will be applying for

How your CV helps you stand out from the hundreds of other job seekers applying for the same positions as you is more important than how fast it is written. If it is well-considered, well-written and is an accurate representation of who you are, it will reflect on you in the best possible light.

As such, it is vital that you are not only happy with the finished document/s I produce for you, but confident that you will be able to demonstrate, in an interview situation, all of your experience and expertise, as I have listed and described them - in a persuasive and believable manner.

Too often people pay for professionally written CVs, which look impressive on paper but do not reflect who they are, accurately enough. Now, initially, they might be satisfied, even elated by the fancy words and how well-written the document is. But in the long-term, if you are not entirely comfortable with everything on your CV, then it is unlikely you will be able to sell yourself convincingly in an interview situation.

This can happen when you approach large writing companies who too often tell you everything you want to hear, and claim to have expert knowledge of countless professions -the personal service you expect is replaced with hard selling sales representatives chasing targets.

In reality, although their writers might have in-depth knowledge of a handful of jobs, and understand what most employers are looking for, the likelihood that your specific line of work falls under their area of expertise will be slim. But do not let that deter you, because no one can possibly know what you do at work better than you. So, the more involved you are in the writing process, the better your CV will be. Therefore, what is essential when you are searching for a writer, is that you find one you have a good rapport with - someone who is experienced, curious, diligent and who genuinely wants to write a CV, which will maximise your chances of getting interviews and reflect the best of who you are.

By choosing me as your CV-Writer, you will be cutting out the middle person right from the start, and during the crucial brainstorming/information gathering stage. The extra personal service will guarantee that I write you a truly bespoke CV you are happy with - from which a LinkedIn profile and a generic cover letter can then be based on.

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